Leo Bronze at 2013 Reno NAC

 A fencing party is fun and unique way to celebrate many occasions, build team spirit and cooperation, and just plain have fun! Whatever the occasion we can do a great fencing party for you. We can do your party/group in either English or Spanish (one of our coaches is a native spanish speaker).


Standard group package $150.00 for min. 10 people, additional $10.00 per person extra.
                                       $ 50.00 for clean - up, or you may do it yourself and we waive the fee.
Optional: Foam swords as a party favor for $5.00 extra per sword, must be ordered in advance. 

We provide all fencing gear, instruction and lots of fun; You provide the paper goods, utensils, food (cake, cupcakes, ice-cream, drinks), etc. You can arrive early to decorate our upstairs party room, our fencing coach will meet you at the club. Fencing games and class run approx. 1 hr. 45 min., then you have another 30 min. for your party food time, or meeting.


FOR CORPORATE Teambuilding:

2 hour session, either in the morning or starting at 12:00 Noon but must end by 2:00 p.m. 
Morning package $25.00 per person, minimum of 10 people. Includes Continental Breakfast of Orange Juice, Bagels, cream cheese, muffins and/or donuts. 

Lunch package $25.00 per person minimum of 10 people. Includes refreshments, sandwiches, chips, and cookies.  

Download our party flyer here.   Call us to check available dates. Have your first and second choice dates available. 503-644-7739. The gym opens at 3:00 Mon-Friday, Saturdays from 8:30 - 12 noon.

Ready? Fence!