NAC - Oct. 3, 2016: GOLD-MS Div.2, Gratz to Tyson Dougall!!

NAC - Minneapolis, April 2014   Div. 2, Div. 1 Championships, Wheelchair                                                                              Championships  Complete results here

Div. 2 Women's Saber                     Div. 1 Championships WS          Wheelchair
Monique Ramras - GOLD *earned B   Malia Hee - 19                         Epee - Leo Curtis - 7
                                                   Christina Boitano - 24               Saber - Leo Curtis - 5


NAC - Memphis, March 2014     Div.3/Y10/Y12/Y14 Complete results here

Div. 3 Women's Saber         Y14 Women's Saber     Y12-Women's Saber
Monique Ramas - 29th         Joy Yun - 58th             Joy Yun - 28th

Div. 3 Men's Saber                              Y14 - Men's Saber
Alekander (Sasha) Thomas - 44             Alekander (Sasha) Thomas - 24
Shane Simpson - 68                             Shane Simpson - 58



2013 - RYC #2 Oct. 26-27 -SALEM Oregon Spencer Dillree GOLD, Sophie G. Bronze

See complete results on askfred, click here



2013 B.C. Canada Championships

complete results here:

Logan Spear - GOLD, Jr. Men's, BRONZE-Sr. Men's
Misael Lopez - SILVER-Cadet Men's, SILVER - Team, BRONZE-Jr. Men's
Aaron Herrera - SILVER - Team, BRONZE - Cadet Men's
David Rule - SILVER - Y14 Mixed Saber

Y-14 Women’s Saber

North American Cup – Virginia Beach

For Full Results


Division II Women’s Saber

North American Cup – Cincinnati

For Full Results


Battle in Seattle Div 1-A ROC

For Full Results

Friday Veterans

Battle in Seattle Veterans




Saturday Men's Open Saber

Battle in Seattle Men's Saber

Sunday Women's Open SaberBattle in Seattle Women's Saber


Portland NAC D

Becka Ward Wins Gold!

Full List of Results Can Be Found Here!

Kansas City NAC C

Petra Wins Gold!

Women's DIV II Saber

Full Results

Austin Texas NAC B

Nov 11 - Women's Cadet Saber
Nov 12 - Men's Cadet Saber
Nov 12 - Women's Y14 Saber
Nov 13 - Men's Y14 Saber
Nov 13 - Women's Junior Saber
Nov 14 - Men's Junior Saber

SYC in St. Louis, MO Nov. 6th 2011

Congratulations to Eva!

Richmond Virginia NAC A

Congratulations to Maddie Curzon, 2 medals in 1 weekend, Bronze in Div 3, 8th place in Div. 2, see photo here

Congratulations to Logan - 8th place, Div.2  see photo here

Leon Auriol Open in Seattle Oct. 1st 2011

Congratulations to Will, Aaron, Jamie and Cheryl!

Leon Auriole Open