Fencing camp is a great way to learn and improve your fencing skills. Whether you just want to check out fencing to see if you or your child likes fencing, to the most skilled and advanced fencer - there is a fencing camp to suit you. First, fencing was for the duel, now it's for Olympic Gold. Let's find that inner musketeer (or Yoda) and have an exciting fun time while we learn. Fencing, often called physical chess teaches creative problem solving, persistence, listening skills, focus, self-confidence,discipline and a host of wonderful life skills. Fun games work on co-ordination, agility and paying attention.

 WINTER FENCING CAMPS Dec. 26-Dec.31, 2016, click here for flyer

Pre-Competitive Camp  12/26-30, 2016 Mon-Fri 9-12; Members $150.00, Guests $175.00
For those enrolled in the Pre-competitive class or by coach invitation. 1/2 day camp will focus on footwork, agility, competitive spirit, fun games, technique drills, learn competition rules, fence in electric gear. Camp tournament on Friday (included in fee). Bring a water bottle and light snack. Camp flyer above.

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Competitive Camp 12/26-31, 2016 Mon-Fri 9-4, Saturday 10:30 - 2 p.m; Members $325.00, Guests $375.00
For our competitive 1 and 2 class members or by coach invitation. Under age 13 only participates half day.
Focus will be on preparing for the January & Feb. tournaments. Fun games for agility and footwork. Once the USFA informs of what the distance will be for the 2017 tournaments, we will focus on adapting. Drills, tactics, mental preparation, competition nutrition and mental preparation. Bring a water bottle, light snack, lunch.  Earn your E tournament and camp tournament on Saturday. 

Register on line here  or use paper registration form here