Fencing Camps Fencing camp is a great way to learn and improve your fencing skills. Whether you just want to check out fencing to see if you or your child likes fencing, to the most skilled and advanced fencer - there is a fencing camp to suit you. First, fencing was for the duel, now it's for Olympic Gold. Let's find that inner musketeer (or Yoda) and have an exciting fun time while we learn. Fencing, often called physical chess teaches creative problem solving, persistence, listening skills, focus, self-confidence,discipline and a host of wonderful life skills. Fun games work on co-ordination, agility and paying attention.   PRE-NATIONALS FENCING CAMP: June 23-June 27,2017 Pre-Nationals Full Day Fencing Camp for ages 13+Fri 9-4, Sat. 11- 4, Sun-Tue 9-4; Members $325.000.00, Guests $425.00 For those enrolled in the Competitive 1 class that are age 13+ or by coach invitation On Line Registration form here   Pre-Nationals Fencing Camp for ages 9+ June 26-30, 2017 Mon/Tue 9 a.m - 12 noon (bring a light snack)Wed-Fri 9 a.m - 4 p.m (bring lunch)Members: $275.00/Guests $325.00 For those enrolled in Comp.1 or by coach invitation First two days of camp will focus on footwork, agility, competitiveness, tactical drills. Last three days will focus on, critical thinking, mental preparation, handling the referee, changing tactics, fence in electric gear using video replay.  Lunch break includes a rest period and age appropriate movie. See flyer/paper registration form here  On Line Registration here   LEARN TO FENCE 2017 Summer fencing camps: On Guard! Unleash that inner musketeer or Star Wars knight. Our fun summer camp teaches the exciting saber sword. First fencing was for the duel, now it's for Olympic Gold. Fun warm up games focus on agility, coordination, focus and co-operation. Fencing teaches creative problem solving, listening skills, discipline, self-confidence, persistence and a host of wonderful life skills. Camp tournament on the last day. An active fun environment to make new friends. Students should wear a t-shirt, long pants or basketball shorts (knees covered!), and clean soled CLOSED toed athletic shoes. Bring a light snack. All equipment is provided. Camp is run in our state of the art facility in Beaverton, right off the 217 Freeway.   Camp runs M-F 9a.m. - 11:55 a.m. 3 Dates to choose from: Session 1: July 10-14       Session 2:  July 31-Aug 4          Session 3:  Aug. 21-25 Register on line here      See Paper flyer and registration form here   INTERMEDIATE SABER SUMMER CAMP July 17-21, 2017 Mon-Friday 9- 4 p.m daily$325.00 Members/ $425.00 Non-members For our Advanced Beginners and Pre Competitive class members or by coach invitation. Fun games for agility, footwork, competitive spirit, listening skills and focus. Drills, tactics, mental preparation, competition nutrition and mental preparation. Bring a drink, light snack, lunch. Must have full gear. Register on line here International Advanced Summer Saber Camp 2017 August 6 - 12, 2017 Our popular international summer advanced camp brings fencers together from a variety of countries, along with our most advanced fencers. Fun, active and inspiring this camp will challenge you to grow, think outside the box, and gain tools that you can take away with you. Drills, footwork, mental strength, motivation, and critical thinking along with tactics for mental flexiblity. Sunday starts with a club picnic for fun and to get to know each other. Camp Field trip to see some of Oregon's natural beauty mid-week. Register on line here  Visit our facebook International saber camp page here