Office Manager: Claire Randall

Co-Owner of PDX Fencing, along with Head Coach Charles Randall.  Claire is our main "Go-To" person for just about anything!


Certifications and Membership:


U.S. Fencing Association Member
Sports First Aid, American Sports Education Program, Instructor, A.S.E.P.
Directing Youth Sport Programs, Instructor, A.S.E.P.
Coaching Principals, Instructor, A.S.E.P.
Called to Protect, Catholic Youth Organization
Safe Sport, U.S.O.C.


Head Coach: Charles Randall 

U.S. Fencing Association - Coach Competitive Member
U.S. Fencing Coaches Association - Member
Oregon Episcopal School - Head Fencing Coach
Club Sport/Tigard - Head Fencing Coach
Alliance Charter Academy - Head Fencing Coach

U.S. Fencing Coaches Association
National Federation of High School Coaches
Academie D'Armes Internationale, Prevost
Oregon Athletic Coaches Association
Oregon School Activities Association
Positive Coaching Alliance
State of N.Y. - Teaching: History/Political Science
American Sports Education Program: Coaching Principals
American Sport Education Program:  Sports First Aid
American Sport Education Program: Directing Youth Sport Programs
American Red Cross - CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
Catholic Youth Organization - Called To Protect
Works International Certifications
SICCED - Sports Trainer Levels 1,2, & 3
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification  
SafeSport , U.S.O.C                                                                           

Charles Randall has been fencing exclusively saber since he was in grade school. He came to the attention of the legendary fencing master, Giorgio Santelli who was an Olympic Gold medalist, then 5 time U.S. National coach. Maestro Santelli took Charles under his wing, taught him personally and made sure that young Charles got a full athletic scholarship and finished college. While at Rutgers University, Charles trained under fencing coach John Geraci (who was also the coach at West Point).   Maestro Santelli, a grandfatherly figure to Charles arranged for him to work with U.S. National and renowned saber coach Csaba Elthes.

Mr. Randall co-founded Club Esgrima Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During his time in Mexico he became one of the most honored and successful fencing coaches there. Named Coach of the Year 5 years in a row by the city of Puerto Vallarta, the State of Jalisco named his athlete, Ariana Aranda, Athlete of the Year.  Ms. Aranda made Mexican fencing history by becoming the youngest fencer in it's history to become National Champion and to represent Mexico at the Olympic Zonal Qualifiers. She was also #1 in cadet, #1 in Juniors and #1 in Srs. Yesenia Anylu Cruz (Randall's student who amazed the Mexican fencing world by making the National Team with only 1 yr. experienceL), Jennifer Lobato, Pilar Duenas, Nadia Rodriquez, Margarita Salas, Hector De La Torre, Jorge De La Torre, Stefany Lobato and a host of other young fencers all became national, Jr., Cadet, and Jr. Olympic champions and/or national and international medalists under his and co-founder, Eugenio Davidson Rodriquez, direction. 3 of the 4 national women's saber team were Mr. Randall's students.  Mr. Randall was recruited to come back to the U.S. in 2005 for the 2008 Olympic cycle.  Once the 2008 Olympics finished Coach Randall started his own club, PDX Fencing.   Coach Randall prefers to let his student's results do the talking. You can see his student, Hector De La Torre win his Jr. Olympic champion title in this video clip. Malia Hee, has won four national championships under his direction, Madeline Curzon, Kerry Plunkett, Logan Spear (Men's Div. 2 National Champion 2014), Christina Boitano, Eva Hinds, Joy Yun (2016 Div 2 Womens champion) and a host of other talented fencers continue to make their mark in the fencing world.  In his private life, he graduated from college with his teaching credentials and taught history and political science in the N.Y. school system. Later he went to work  in the travel industry as a sales executive for multi-national corporations including Holland America Westours and British Airways (from which he retired). 

                                               Coach: Hector De La Torre


U.S. Fencing Association - Professional Member
U.S. Fencing Coaches Association - Member
Coaching Principals, American Sports Education Program
Sports First Aid, American Sports Education Program
Safe Sport, U.S.O.C.
Youth Fitness, I.S.S.A. (International Sport Science Association)
International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program, Honors 2013-14 (University of Delaware/International                                                                                             Olympic Committee, U.S. Olympic Committee)

Coach Hector de la Torre is the only fencing coach in North America to hold the ICECP credentials. Former Men's National Saber Champion of Mexcio, Jr. Olympic Champion (Mexico) - click here to see his final few touches and press interview when he won the Mexico Jr. Olympics. Taught exclusively by coach Charles Randall, Mr. De La Torre rose rapidly in national rankings in Mexico due to his rare instinctive abilities, combined with an unsurpassed work ethic. Mr. De La Torre learned to coach and teach at Club Esgrima Vallarta while it was under coach Randall's and Eugenio Rodriquez direction.

Coach Hector's students are rapidly gaining success with Jake Yun (Y10 Men's saber), Spencer Dillree (Y12 Men's saber), Zoe Beale (Y12 Women's) all winning the 2016 State championship titles, and other team members Megumi Oishi, Michael Strigul, Sophie Gajowskji, Noah Shepanek and others winning medals on the youth circuits. At the 2016 National Championships his student Ariel (Arik) Shurygin won the silver medal in Men's Div.3.



                                                Coach: Ned Sands



U.S. Fencing Association Nationally Rated Fencing Referee, Saber
U.S. Fencing Coaches Association - Member
Coaching Principals, American Sports Education Program
Called to Protect, Catholic Youth Organization
Pan American Sports Organization, High Level Coaching Saber Certification 

Oregon State Games Champion - Men's 40+ Saber, 2007, 2009
Oregon State Games Medalist - 2003 (bronze), 2001 (bronze), 2000 (silver)
Western Washington Div. - 2004 - Bronze
Summer Nationals Bronze Medal Winner (5th) -2002,2007


U.S. Navy - Captain -Retired
University of So. California - Master's Degree, Planning & Policy Development
Secondary Teaching Credential - Physical Science/History
University of California/Los Angeles - Bachelor of Arts
Postgraduate Studies: University of Texas, Pasadena College, National Defense University, Naval War College

Ned Sands has been fencing saber for over 14 years with much success in both local and national tournaments. His experiences in both fencing and in private life bring to our club a variety of unique talents.  His students have medaled in local and regional tournaments. He is a certified referee for the U.S. Fencing Association and a member of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association.

Mr. Sands is an insurance agent and broker of the State Farm Group in Sherwood, OR. He is also a nationally licensed soccer referee and referee instructor for the U.S. Soccer Federation. During his naval career, Mr. Sands was a Staff Officer at the Pentagon and held five different commands as Commanding Officer. Mr. Sands is married with 3 children.



                                           Asst Coach: Eric Piispanen



U.S. Fencing Association Nationally Rated Fencing Referee
U.S. Fencing Coaches Association - Member
Coaching Principals, American Sports Education Program
Safe Sport Certified
ASEP-Sports First Aid 


Arizona State University - Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Eric has been fencing saber for over 10 years with much success in both local and national tournaments. Coached by Charles Randall for his first 4 years of fencing, his experiences in both fencing and in private life bring to our club a variety of unique talents.  He is a certified referee for the U.S. Fencing Association and a member of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association.

Notable Fencing results:


       2015 - Gold, Sr. Men's - Columbia International (Div.1A) - Portland
       2014 - Gold, Sr. Men's Team  - North America Cup - Portland
       2012 - Bronze, Div.1A Men's  - Summer Nationals - Anaheim
       2011 - Bronze, Jr. Men's Team  - Summer Nationals - Reno
       2010 - Silver, Jr. Men's Team - Jr. Olympics - Memphis
       2008 - Bronze, Div. 3 - North America Cup - Columbus


Assistant Coaches:
     Leo Curtis, Wheelchair Coach 
A.S.E.P certified, Safe Sport certified
      U.S. Fencing Association Certified Referee (saber,epee)
      Past President, Oregon Division - U.S. Fencing Association
      Sergeant and Medic, U.S. Army

      2013, 2015 U.S. National Men's Saber Wheelchair Champion
      2013, 2014, 2015, 2016  U.S. National Team Member

     Kelly Kositch, A.S.E.P certified, Safe Sport certified, Adapt 101 Certified
       U.S. Fencing Coaches Association Member
       2008 Or. Div. Summer Natl Qualifier - Gold (Jrs.) 
       2005 RYC-OR. - Gold (Y14)



Student Coaches:

  • Natalie Disher, A.S.E.P certified, 2012 Or.Div. Summer Natl Qualifier - Gold
  • Logan Spear, TEAM CAPTAIN,  A.S.E.P. certified, 2014 National Champion - Men' Saber Div.2. Click here to see Logan's championship bout, Fences for Stanford University.
  • Arik Shurygin, Safe Sport Certified, Team Leadership Certificate