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 We follow the Beaverton School District for snow days. You can also follow us on twitter @pdxfencing

City Of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation - Introduction to Olympic Saber Fencing (held in Hillsboro), we offer introduction to fencing classes for adults and children, and fencing camp each summer and during spring break through the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation center. Book classes through City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation:                            

PDX In House Classes (held at PDX Fencing)

       We follow the Beaverton School District for Snow Days. If Beaverton Schools are closed due to weather, then PDX Fencing is closed.

If you have not fenced before, you can try the first children's beginner's class on Saturday morning, for adults age 18 and up try the Friday evening adult beginners class, or the Sat. 10:15 a.m adult class.  Download guest fencer waiver form here and bring it with you, there is no charge for the one time trial membership. Equipment is loaned to you for the first try, wear loose comfortable clothing and closed toes athletic shoes.

Ready to join? Once you are sure you want to get started, fill out our membership application. Send it or bring it with you for your next class. Annual dues are $75.00 for a single person, or $100.00 for a family. Classes are ongoing so you can join at anytime. If you join mid-month the class is prorated for that month. All classes are billed in advance. If you decide to cancel within 30 days the annual dues are refunded to you.

 Class promotions are usually done in August, after fencing camp. Individual promotions are done through-out the year as students achieve certain skill levels.

Beginners - childrens Lev. 1

Saturdays 9:00 a.m - 10:15 am  Ages 7 -17

Beginner adult - 18 and up (yes people 90 are still fencing!)
Fridays - 6:30 - 7: 30 p.m/Sat. 10:15-11:15 a.m

First timers or if you have taken an intro camp. Learn the basics - safety, defense, attacks, rules and basic strategy. We loan you the equipment free for the first month so you can try it out. After that start by purchasing a mask and glove. Build from there.  Please wear a t-shirt, tightly fitting athletic shoes (NO sandals, flip flops, crocs, or open toed shoes), long work out pants (not fleece) or long basketball shorts that cover the knee, bring a water bottle that you can refill at our water cooler. Classes are on going so no need to wait for a starting class.

$75.00 per month

Advanced Beginners  (youth 8+)

Tues. - Thursdays 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm  
Friday - 4:30 - 5:30 Fitness (Yoga, Pilates, Flexibillity)  Through the school year.   

Building on the basics, increased tactics, strategy, technique, timing and physical conditioning in a fun and active environment. Start to learn to compete in our in-house progressive tournaments specially designed to learn how to compete in a friendly, helpful way. Your own knickers, chest protectors, mask, glove required.

$125.00 per month


       Wed. 6:30 - 7:30 p.m, Friday 4:30 - 6:00,
       Recommended to stay on Friday for 6-7 p.m. Open Electric Bouting

      Beyond the basics, creative problem solving, mental training, learn how to compete and use electrical     equipment. Includes Fitness in Friday class.  Students must have their own equipment including, jacket, sword, plastron, electric mask, lame and over-glove or cuff. For those who cannot get here at 4:30 sharp on Friday, just join in as soon as you get here, warm up first unless you come in during the warm up. Start to open bout using electric gear in our Friday evening in house sessions, then move into our in-house competitions if desired.

      $125. per month

Recommended: PDX Progressive tournaments, by coach recommendation Local RYC tournaments. Summer and winter fencing camps. For the serious we recommend one private lesson per week



Tues./Wed Thurs. 4:00 - 5:30 pm, Friday - Fitness  4:30-5:30                
Friday - open bouting 5:30-7:30

More advanced tactics, opponent analysis, mental strategies, nutrition, pre-competition routines, intensive dril.s and bouting sessions. Includes Fitness. Open bout using electric gear in our Friday evening in house sessions. Start competition outside the club if desired in the local/regional circuits. Students must have their own equipment including, jacket, sword, plastron, electric mask, lame and over-glove or cuff. For those who cannot get here at 4 sharp, just join in as soon as you get here, warm up first unless you come in during the warm up.

$165.00 per month

Recommended tournaments: All PDX Progressives, Regional RYC's, Super RYC (Bellevue WA 4/14), and Oregon State Games (usually June)

Recommended training: 1 private lesson per week, Friday Yoga and Friday Fight Nights,  PDX training camps.


       Mo/Tues/Wed/Thurs 4-7 p.m, Fri 4:30-5:30 p.m, open bouting 5:30 on
       Saturday: 8-8:45 Kickboxing at the Studio (must be 13+ with coach invite and have own gloves),
                    11:15 - 1:15 Video Replay by coach invitation.     

Fitness, Advanced tactics, techniques, physical and mental training. Creative problem solving, developmental exercises add on to a solid foundation that is constantly reinforced. Referring, handling referees, nutrition, travel etc. Students are competing in house, regionally. Those that desire compete nationally and internationally in appropriate categories. All gear required.

$210.00 per month

Recommended tournaments: All PDX Progressives, RYC's, SYC, Oregon State Games and by coach recommendation North America Cup  Series, Seattle tournaments, Div 1A Regionals.  Summer National Qualifyer, Summer Nationals

Extra training recommended: 1 private lesson a week. for those competing nationally 2 lessons, PDX training camps, Friday night fight nights.

Competitive Adult

Mon/Friday 6:30 - 7:30, Wed. 7-8 , Saturday 10:15 - 11:15
Friday 5:30 - 6:30 open bouting

Competitive level fencing EVEN if you just want to stay recreational. Fence to your highest potential. Advanced tactics, strategy, mental and physical conditioning. Physical chess at it's most exciting - creative problem solving at lightening speed. Prepare and fence for collegiate, national and international fencing. For those that want to stay recreational, train hard and become great sparring partners for those going national & international. Fitness included - professional fitness instructors with yoga,


Recommended tournaments: All PDX Progressives,  NACs, open regionals for those 13 and above - check with coach., for those with points  regional JWC, Jr. Olympics, national championships, summer nationals, for those with points the domestic Sr. World Cup.

Recommended extra training: 1-2 private lessons per week, Friday night fight nights.

Leadership and Mentoring Development Program. By invitation, students demonstrating interest in leadership and mentoring participate in a formal leadership training class. Covering risks, rewards, conflict resolution, conducting yourself with class, earning and maintaining trust, students learn how to become positive, inspirational and effective leaders and mentors.

 Wheelchair/Seating Fencing:

        Mondays: 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.

        Learn with Leo and his amazing coaches. Meet Leo Curtis, currently the #1 ranked Wheelchair saber fencer in the USA.  Start out with the basics of defense and simple attacks, move to feints and exciting tactics. You will be inspired and have a blast with this fun, exhilarating sport. Fencing teaches creative problem solving, focus, self
discipline, good sportsmanship and a host of positive life skills. Stay recreational or go competitive.

         $100.00 per month

There are 3 classifications in wheelchair fencing. Each division is based on the level of disability. Class A: Full trunk movement, good movement with arms.  Class B: No leg movement, impaired trunk, balance functions.  Class C: Disaility in all four limbs.   Download our flyer here for an outline of categories.  Class is Sat. 10-11 a.m.



FITNESS  - Required for all  Pre-Competitive and Nationally competing members age 13 and over *adults exempt*.
 Mon/Tues./Wed.Thurs 4:00 - 4:55/Fri. 4:30-5:30/Sat. 8-8:45  a.m .

As a bonus when our special friend, Adam Dunlap (Parkour specialist) is in town we add a class(es) taught by him. Our fitness class is led by certified fitness trainers, and is designed especially for PDX Fencing. Dynamic, fun, and never boring - a great way to get and stay in shape. Balance, agility, flexibility, injury prevention, core, stamina, all  areas of attention, led by true experts in the fitness field.  We are very proud to have Lucretia "Fancy" Lake, Certified Fitness & Youth Trainer,  Former PAC 10 NCAA track athlete, owner of The Spot workout Studio lead our Monday, Tues., Wed. Thurs. and Saturday fitness classes. Fridays from 4:30 -5:30 Certified Yoga, Pilates and Youth Fitness Trainer Kara Gajowskij (aka Sophie's mom) teaches our y fitness class. On Saturday a.m fitness at the Spot Studio for Crossboxing. 

 Private Lessons upon request. Price varies by coach. Competitive Members get priority on time slots.

20-30 minutes per lesson (depends on student's ability to focus, and arm strength).
Student Coaches:  Club Members $20.00 per lesson/ Non-Club Members $25.00
Assistant Coaches: Club Members $25.00 per lesson/ Non- Members $30.00
Coaches: Club Members $25.00 per lesson/ Non-Member $35.00 
Head Coach: Lessons only to nationally competing members $35.00/ Non-member $45.00 

24 hour cancellation notice or you will be charged for the lesson. Please call ASAP and let us try to fill your spot. If we can, then no charge. Either way please have the courtesy to call.

Fee Schedules



Coaching Fees for Away Tournaments

Coach travel expense split between participating fencers.

Friday Night Club Member Bouting Jan. - June, Aug - Dec.

5:30 - 7:30ish

We go till everyone is done, or Coach Kelly and Hector are done! Free to club members


Locker Rental

$ 5.00 per month   Please remember that lockers are not a private space. For minors, your parents, or staff                            members may open your locker. Nothing illegal and no open food containers are                                      allowed in your locker. Please keep your locker, equipment and uniform clean so that                                we do not have to open your locker due to unpleasant odors or bugs.

Dues - Annual - Single Membership

$ 75.00 per year

Includes club member discount on fencing equipment, open bouting, club events 

Dues - Annual - Family Membership

$100.00 per year

Includes club member discount on fencing equipment, open bouting, club events

Monthly Dues (Included in your class fee)

Min. of $50.00 per month

If you are enrolled in any class the dues are included in your class fee. Dues are NOT pro-rate for partial attendance. If you miss a class then you may come for Friday evening open bouting session from 5:30 to 7:00.


THIRD PERSON or more  DISCOUNT, in lieu of the $10.00 discount your family gets a family discount of $75.00 per month.