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Phone: 503-644-7PDX (503-644-7739)  
Fax: 877-550-0PDX (877-550-0739)

Hours: Mon. - Friday 2:45 - 8:00 pm, Sat. 8:30 am - 12:30  HOURS CHANGE for JULY & AUGUST. See class schedule.  CLOSED Dec. 25, 2014, Jan. 1, 2015.

PDX Fencing follows the Beaverton School District for snow days. If the school district is closed due to weather, then we will be closed.

Located in Beaverton Oregon, PDX Fencing is a club dedicated to the enjoyment and teaching of the Olympic sport of saber fencing. We teach recreational and competitive and wheelchair fencing in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.  

PDX Fencing is very proud to be the designated Apprenticeship site (for fencing), for the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program. 

The program is a joint venture of the University of Delaware, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. It's focus is to educate and assist national coaches and those responsible for the development of the sport national coaching structures in their countries with a practical program orientated towards developing proficiency in the areas of sport sciences, talent identification, athlete development, coaching education, coaching management, grass roots sport development and ethical aspects of coaching at all levels of competition and across multiple sports. The program includes training participants to identify and develop athletes, provides the participants with the skills and competencies needed to educate aspiring coaches in their home country. The program lays theoretical foundations and offers practical applications for the further growth of sport and the Olympic ideals within their home country. Click here to learn more.

In addition to our youth programs, we have a very active and fun adult group of fencers, who fence both recreationally and competitively. Our adult fencers mix with and help mentor the younger fencers. This is a life-long sport, NOT just for the young. Fencing teaches wonderful life skills to the young developing fencer and keeps the adult fencer active and fit. For some - it's a great connection to your child's sport (in our photo above is father-son Scott and Ian Wehba). You're never to old to start fencing, come on in and give it a try. Meet club members Dr. Cheryl Maslen, click here to see her story and Dr. Denise Fitzsimmon, click here to see her story.

Parent involvement is welcomed here. Parent volunteers can work as much or as little as they desire. A very active parent committee welcomes any concerns, suggestions, ideas and promptly address them with the management.

We have taught many people to fence through our school, after school, parks and recreational center programs. Head coach Charles Randall is also a teacher of teachers - and continues to teach how to coach and teach saber. By sharing our love, passion and expertise in this wonderful sport we hope to help each fencer and coach achieve their full potential and goals. Mr. Randall is bi-lingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently.



Our Advisory Board

We are fortunate to have these dedicated volunteers who offer us their expert opinions and knowledge on a variety of subjects.

Michael Marx - Master of Arms

5x Olympian (1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996) 2x Vice-President of the United States Fencing Association (USFA)
1985 World University Games - Silver medalist
1987 Pan American Games - Bronze medalist
First Fencer to inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame
U.S. National Epee Coach 1996 - 2003
8x National Foil Champion Staff Member, U.S.F.A Coaches College
5x U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year
Executive Director, Marx Fencing Academy (Concord, MA)

Michael Marx is the only man in the last fifty years to make the U.S. Olympic team in two weapons (foil and epee). Mr. Marx was inducted into the U.S. Fencing Assoc. Hall of Fame, the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and is a five-time U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year. His students have won over 50 national titles in foil and epee and have competed in the last four U.S. Olympic Teams (Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing) in both weapons. He earned his Master of Arms degree in 1992 at the renowned Polish Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland under the direction of legendary Fencing Master Zbigniew Czajkowski. Mr. Marx earned a place in the Guinness Book of World records for a record eight U.S. National Championship titles in foil.

Mr. Marx brings to us his life-long experience as one of the most accomplished fencer and successful coaches in U.S. Fencing history. His two stints as assistant coach at both the University of Notre Dame and Duke University give him an in-depth knowledge of collegiate athletics. Mr. Marx is the younger brother of three time Olympian Robert Mark (epee) and the son of the legendary Colleen Olney who is widely considered the mother of fencing in the state of Oregon.


Kris Van Hatcher - Athletic Director, Oregon Episcopal School

National La Cross Hall of Fame
Board of Directors Member, Oregon High School La Crosse Association
Coach of The Year - Columbia La Cross League, 2007
Man of the Year - U.S. La Crosse Association, 2007
Head Varsity Coach - Oregon Episcopal School 1994 - 2008

Former head varsity coach at OES, with 33 years of coaching experience at the college and high school level, and seven years as Team Oregon All Stars Coach. Van Hatcher, has led the OES program for 14 seasons, since its inception in 1994. Under Van Hatcher, OES has reached the state championship game seven times, including five straight appearances from 2003 to 2007. The O.E.S. Aardvarks won the state title in 2004, and they entered the 2007 championship game with a perfect, 17-0 record. Under Van Hatcher's leadership, OES has sent seven players to NCAA-sanctioned lacrosse programs, including sons Dalton and Addison.

Dr. Cheryl Maslen

Oregon Health Science University:
Prof. of Cardiovascular Medicine and Molecular & Medical Genetics
Associate Director - OHSU Heart Research Center


Dr. Cheryl Maslen received her doctorate from OHSU’s Department of Medical Genetics in 1987.  She did her postdoctoral training in molecular genetics and biochemistry at Shriners Hospital for Children. Dr. Maslen joined the faculty at OHSU in 1991, and was awarded the Richard T. Jones, MD, PhD, Distinguished Alumni Scientist Award in 2007.  Dr. Maslen is currently a professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, and Molecular & Medical Genetics in the OHSU School of Medicine, and is Associate Director of the OHSU Heart Research Center.  She is also a principal investigator for The National Registry of Genetically Triggered Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Related Conditions (GenTAC) and directs the project’s Northwest Center, one of five regional clinical centers.

Dr. Maslen brings a warm, positive, philanthropic, and mentoring personality into our club. She is a wonderful role-model and her contributions to each person in the club is beyond compare. See Dr. Maslen's story here.



Laura Bueermann

 Mrs. Bueermann is a Stanford Graduate, business owner and mother of 2 athletic active daughters, both fencers.




Our Volunteer Parent Committee

Our parent committee is very pro-active and volunteer based. They are responsible for fund-raising for specific targeted goals, social club events, car-pooling for classes and away tournaments, registration, newsletter, club-promotion, cleaning, food for events and tournaments. They work closely with club management to achieve mutually desired goals. All suggestions, questions, and complaints are welcomed and received so they can be addressed in a constructive and positive manner. If you would like to volunteer in anyway (nothing is to small), please don't hesitate to let any of us know. Many people help out without being on a committee, all help is greatly appreciated - and reflected in helping to keep costs down.

Sue Wineman: Co-Chairperson Cassandra Nosler: Co-Chairman


Event & Tournament Planning Newsletter Fundraising Maintenance/Laundry Public Relations/Marketing

Cassie Nosler/Chair Lorraine Converse/Editor in Chief 
Ned Sands (referee column)
Shari Boitano
Lori Kositch